Terry Otton
Independent Manager

Terry Otton served as Chief Executive Officer of RS Investments from September 2005 until his retirement in March 2012 and as President and Trustee of RS Investment Trust and RS Variable Products Trust since April 2004 and May 2006 until March 2012, respectively. Mr. Otton re-joined RS Investments in 2004 and became Chief Executive Officer in September 2005. Mr. Otton has 30 years of experience in the investment management and securities industry, having previously served as a Managing Director of the mergers and acquisition practice at Putnam Lovell NBF Group, an investment banking firm focused on the investment management and securities industry. Previously, Mr. Otton spent more than 10 years as a Managing Director and CFO of Robertson, Stephens & Company and Robertson Stephens Investment Management, the predecessor to RS Investments. Mr. Otton was one of the principal founders of Robertson Stephens Investment Management in 1986. Mr. Otton holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of California at Berkeley and is a Certified Public Accountant.